The Importance of Sustainability in the Real Estate Industry

The Importance of Sustainability for the Real Estate Industry The term ‘sustainability’ has been overused in the last few years as remark for transparency and excellency. When we talk about sustainability, we have to think about the future, as the capacity to create a sustainable system balanced between productivity and environmental respect. The United Nations talked about sustainability as “the economic development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

The idea of an ecological business is raising up in the corporate agenda. Thinking about environment is intrinsic in the productivity concept. Companies and brands must think how to supply more sustainable products, and this is a must that also the real estate market has to be aware of. Sustainable properties are increasingly required and the governments are now creating advantages for companies which are increasing energy conservation, recycling and reducing natural resources. Governmental programs are a good way for organizations to save money and strive to a degree of ecological ethics: certain local governments recognize the importance of the green agenda and offer tax incentives to encourage sustainable practices that reduce waste disposal, water use and energy demand.

In the near future, the real estate sector needs to consider an increase of regulatory pressures on their operations, such as carbon accounting. The new European trend is green, so it’s clear that companies must begin to be involved more and more in the green technologies spirit in their short and long term strategies to satisfy the demand of investors and tenants.


Berlin and Copenhagen are the world leading cities for a sustainable economy, they are the perfect example of how green initiatives can boost economic growth. Also Hamburg (Germany) received numerous local and global industry awards for efficient and modern architecture, as well as for interior building systems and technology.


Tulum is a place where visionary real estate developers and entrepreneurs are in the process of creating an environmentally conscious paradise that preserves the natural beauty of the Mexican Caribbean surrounded by jungle, few places in the world offer the variety of cultural experiences, paradisiacal beaches, wellness activities, international gastronomy and shops, creating an atmosphere of “bohemian luxury” that leaves aside ostentatious ornaments and excessive design to give way to sober, geometric spaces, made with vernacular materials and decorations shaped mainly with the same nature of the Mayan jungle.

Tulum is considered an international hub for luxury tourists, an international destination characterized by its sustainable development policies, which establishes strict guidelines to reduce the environmental impact when developing the area.

Additionally, Tulum has various environmental policies that help preserve its state in optimal conditions. Tulum was recently decreed as a sustainable tourism zone, which commits the destination to continue growing in an orderly way. In Tulum, high-density constructions are prohibited due to its proximity to the protected reserve “Biosfera de Sian Ka’an” and the second largest reef in the world, which partially prevents its massive growth.


CHAAKAB is a new condo development designed for the sustainable development of Tulum. A building inspired by the future, in which all the conditions of the environment have been considered, as well as the human needs to inhabit an environment full of comforts of modern life consolidated in a clever design that minimizes its impact on the environment.

Investing in a sustainable property such as CHAAKAB offers the real estate investors the advantage of owning a beautiful property in an area of ​​high capital appreciation to use it as second home or even as a vacation rental property with the expectation of an 8 to 14 percent annual return on investment and with the demand still beating the offer.

The return on investment is guaranteed in CHAAKAB by the capital gain of a property that was built in congruence with the strengths that Tulum offers as a unique place in the world with the promotion of all its potential.

Investing in Chaakab is taking the leap towards a balanced and respectful future with the environment.

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