Why Tulum?

In the past this place was known as Zamá, “dawn or rebirth in Maya”, alluding to the location of the city that points to the east, where the Sun rises every day. Currently it is known as Tulum, “wall in Maya”, a name that was given to it when it was found in ruins by modern explorers of the 19th century.

Its foundation dates back to 564, although it had its heyday between 1200 and 1500 as an important port city, Zama had to be abandoned upon the arrival of the Spanish and was “rediscovered” in 1841. Tulum is located in a privileged location since in front of the city, in the Caribbean, is the second most important coral reef in the world and adjoins the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve, a declared sanctuary full of beauty to breathe A UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. In modern history, Tulum has become a tourist destination that has gained great popularity in recent years due to its natural wealth, international gastronomy, bohemian lifestyle and well-being so longed for by new travelers in search of authentic experiences, far away from all-inclusive resorts and conventional entertainment.

Tulum was designed as a ‘Pueblo Mágico’ in 2015 and since then it has undergone drastic changes and constant improvements in its infrastructure.

Tulum is rapidly becoming an international destination characterized by its sustainable development policies, which establishes strict guidelines to reduce the environmental impact when developing the area, Additionally, Tulum has various environmental policies that help preserve its state in optimal conditions. Recently, it was decreed as a sustainable tourism zone, which commits the destination to continue growing in an orderly manner. In Tulum, high-density construction is prohibited in the beach area due to its proximity to the reserve, which partially makes its massive growth impossible.


The traditional mystical legacy of the Mayan culture is more current than ever, Tulum is a place full of restorative magic and this is reflected in the different centers of wellness and consciousness activities. With places for practicing millenary activities such as temazcal ceremonies, yoga, meditations, sound therapies, among other activities focused on harmonization for physical and spiritual healing.


The unique geography of Tulum allows you to perform different types of sports and physical activities outdoors that will bring your body to a state of well-being and harmony. You can dive in the largest underground river system in the world, swim in beautiful crystal clear water cenotes, practice adventure biking, kite surfing, professional golf, kayaking, paddle boarding, moto-cross, tennis and polo, to name a few of the activities. that you can do in Tulum and its surroundings.


Although the ancient Mayan culture permeates the surroundings of Tulum, it is also a meeting point for different cultures from all over the planet where a unique cultural amalgam is formed and where you can find all kinds of gastronomy, music, visual and performing arts. Tulum is home to world-class festivals ranging from music to film and a wide variety of cultural experiences.

The future

Today, Tulum is inhabited by an international community with a fresh vision of the world, and although it is rapidly growing, the master plan has contemplated increasing the general standard of living in the medium term to go from being a tourist destination to a city that can be inhabited permanently or seasonally, especially in winter when the weather is sensational. Tulum is an ideal place to move, plan your retirement or owning a second home where you can take a break from the busy city life.

Real Estate

Tulum is a place where real estate developers and visionary entrepreneurs are in the process of creating an environmentally conscious paradise that preserves the natural beauty of the Mexican Caribbean surrounded by jungle, few places in the world offer everything that Tulum has, and its atmosphere of “bohemian luxury” that leaves aside the ostentatious ornaments and excessive furnishings to give way to sober, geometric spaces, made with vernacular materials and decorated mainly with the nature found in the jungle.

With more and more people switching to remote work due to the coronavirus pandemic, more and more countries are considering long-term visas as a way to attract travelers. Investing in real estate in a city like Tulum represents a great opportunity to generate good capital gains and a return on investment in the medium term, thanks to the popularity of the destination and “hands-free” investment plans.


Investing in CHAAKAB Tulum offers the advantage of having a real estate in an area of ​​high capital appreciation to have a home or even use it as a vacation rental residence with the expectation of an 8 to 14 percent annual return on investment and with demand even exceeding the offer.


The return on investment is guaranteed in CHAAKAB by the capital gain of a property that was built in congruence with the strengths that Tulum offers as a unique place in the world with the promotion of all its potential.


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